The temperature stays approximately the same in Cebu all throughout the year, and it is not particularly warm or cold, but this does not necessarily mean that all people will find the area comfortable.  The average low temperature is seventy five degrees Fahrenheit (twenty two degrees Celsius) and the average high temperature is just below ninety degrees Fahrenheit (thirty two degrees Celsius).  Interestingly, the hottest month of the year in Cebu is usually May.  However, it is not noticeably hotter than any other month of the year.

Cebu is a rainy area. Travellers planning to spend time there should be aware of this.  There is no month of the year during which there will not be rain, so visitors who want to go to a dry climate should not go to Cebu.  Even the driest month of the year, April, usually sees over ten inches of rain.  The rainiest month is usually December when Cebu can sometimes see over forty inches of rain in one month.  Because of the heavy rains throughout the year, the area is humid which can sometimes make it feel much hotter than it actually is.  Humidity over eighty percent is not uncommon.

Updated weather information for Cebu is available online at Weather Underground ( ) or Yahoo Weather ( ).