Motorized pedicabs, or tricycles, are the usual form of public transportation on the main road. Fares are listed prominently on the front of the pedicabs. There is a flat 10 pesos (≈$0.25) daytime fare to travel along the Main Road between boat stations 1 and 3; fares are doubled at night but are often negotiable. There is an additional charge to travel beyond Boatstations 1 and 3.
On the beach pathway, non-motorised pedicabs are available. The price varies depending on your destination.


Fees and Fares (fees are in Pesos or symbolised as Php or P
and is current at the time of this entry or on 15 January 2013) :

Kalibo - from Caticlan Airport to Caticlan Jetty Port

Tricycle (A motorcycle with a sidecar) = 40 Php 

Van =  P100 - P200 (negotiable with large groups)


Tricycle = 100 Php hired (means you're not sharing this ride with other passengers)

Multicab (a small 8 seater van) =  

Boat (boat from Caticlan port to Cagban port) = P25 for pump boat, P30 for so-called fast boat.
Terminal Fee = P100 each way
* paid at a counter outside Caticlan terminal 

Environmental Fee =  P75
* paid at a counter inside the terminal