1. Boracay is about 7 kms long and white beach is about 4 kms long divided into stations 1 to 3...

2. Transportation

- if you arrive at Caticlan, transfer to the island is quite straight forward, 75 pesos environmental fee, 100 pesos terminal fee, 100 to 150 pp pesos tricycle, 25 or 30 pp pesos for the ferry (15 minutes from Caticlan to Boracay and vice versa), and if you have heavy bags some money for the porter boys (usually PHP 20 per bag), 

- out of the island, take a trike to the jetty port for 100 pesos or l so 100 pesos terminal fee, 25 or 33 pp pesos ferry, and 175 pesos for van transfer if your plane is in Kalibo (90 minutes away from Caticlan) NOTE: if you mind being ripped off and scammed and hate such people, dont be startled by the people who suddenly act so helpful.. handle your own money and dont be afraid to be rude or mean if needs be and dont feel sorry for the dude or whatever... they are not being helpful.. they are up to something...

- so yeah, the above info are if you dont have an organiser for you, you still have to pay fees though  

- can only go around the island using motortrikes or shuttle services from your resort

- motortrikes should cost 150 pesos to go around the island, and 10 pesos per person from one station to another if you commute with other people

- if on your own in a trike or if you hire a trike.. its 100 pesos... based on experience baling hai beach resort to white beach is 100 pesos, white beach to jetty port is 100 pesos, white beach to bulabog beach is 100 pesos, due to these it is assumed that hiring a trike is 100 pesos all through so if youre  good at haggling try to haggle for less but pay no more than this....

3. Where to stay

Where you choose to stay depends on three things - the month(which decides which coast is better - more on this below), your budget, and of course, resort reviews.

 From June to October- Stay on the Eastern coast

From  November to April - Stay on the West coast (White beach, Angol point)

 The above advice is because from June to Otober, strong winds from the South west dominate the Boracay landscape. Staying on white beach at this time simply means that the waters will be rough and teh beach will be windy. Not typical Boracay for a tourist! (This advice also holds good in other islands in Philippines)


Hwever, do note that the Eastern coast is less "beachy", and less clean than the west coast of Boracay (at least in 2012... though developments are afoot and thigns may change in 2013)


- white beach is full of places where you could stay and there are more all over the island

- if you like being by the white beach,it might be good for you to get a place along the white beach even if you feel that you want a quiet place as well...(white beach can be noisy and crowded), if you want a quiet place go to station 1 or 3...

- if you dont really care about the white beach at all and would just like to lounge at your hotel or resort or something most of your holiday, there are cool places which are not very expensive far from the main touristy white beach.. 

- boracay is uber hot so it might be nice to get an accomodation with airconditioning for comfort, loads of cheap airconditioned accomodations and walking by the white beach they dont looked too shabby

4. stuff to do

-   loads of people offer tours andactivities along the white beach, go to the main place...there is this place by station 3 with banana boats at the front.. ( never really paid any attention to the company name)..

- Scuba diving - While the corals aroudn Boracay can no way compare to Bohol or Apo island, teh fish can be amazingly colourful - lots of angel fish, etc in the waters. There are at least 20 dive shops all around  teh island - all approved by Padi.

-  Helmet diving - an excellent way for non-scuba people to see the marine life first hand. Similar to the helmet diving done in Australia and Thailand.

- anyways, island hopping tour around the island (with other people) should cost you no more than 600 pesos pp(you could haggle for less), sunset paraw(sailboat) ride costs 600 pesos per hour, this activity is quite good, relaxing and romantic as boracay have great sunset

- banana boat rides should cost no more than 170 pesos pp if the banana boat is quite full, if your alone or there is only the two of you its quite difficult bewcause you might either have to wait until some other small group joins you or hire the whole thing which should be more expensive, the lady said was 1000 to hire the whole thing just for 2 people (it could be cheaper but no more expensive), 

- there is this ride called "flying fish" where yours truly almost died but its really cool, its  700 pp for just 2 poeple and had the whole ride all to ourselves.. which means that its cheaper with more people and it could carry up to 4 or 5 people if you insist to the activity person.. anyways it shouldnt be more than 1500 for the whole thing( divided amongst 5 poeple it should be pretty cheap)

- ATV rides should cost no more than 750 per person per hour and buggy rides 1000 for 2 people per hour...they would start by charging you up to 2500 especially if youre a foreigner but insist on these prices if not cheaper, went by the one in bolabog beach although  cant quite remember the name again, might be "best one".. plus they also shuttle you to your resort for free although they only go as far as the white beach

- parasailing is a cool ride, the net price for it is 1300 per person, they would try and charge you up to 2500... 

- they also have jet ski hires.motorbikes, scuba diving and stuff but yours truly didnt do it so  didnt have the chance to haggle thus  dont know the real prices for them...

- by the way, banana boats(20 minutes), flying fish (20 minutes), paasailing (30 minutes all in all but only 15 minutes up in the sky), 

 oh well this is all this memory could recall and hope it helps.. :)