Weather is dictated by the monsoon periods, and there are in general three major monsoons.

November - February: Northeastern monsoon, known as "Amihan," has temperatures ranging from 77-90º F (25-32º C). Nights are cooler with the occasional rain shower and may be as cool as 72 degrees (22º C).


March - June: Summertime. Expect hot, summer days and nights in the order of around 82-100º F(28-38º C), interrupted by the occasional cooling thunderstorm.

July - October:  Southwest moonsoon, known as "Habagat", is the wettest season and can get very sultry and humid, especially in August.


March-May are considered the busiest months, with the most tourists coming. June-September are viewed as off-season months and rates are generally the cheapest. October-December is, as noted above, the cooler period and most sports events occur during this time. Note also that Christmas vacation is a popular tourism time.  Think carefully before choosing Easter (holy week) for your vacation as the beach is insanely crowded - see photo below.


In January, Boracayans celebrate the Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival in the third week of the month, which is much like Mardi Gras; it's a huge tourist draw.


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