There area approximately one dozen major museums located throughout Yogyakarta .  These museums serve to explain and share the culture of the Javanese people with the tourists who come to the area.  They also serve to preserve and commemorate the history of the area.  Some of the museums to see while in Yogyakarta include:

  • Batik Museum – This museum is entirely devoted to the ancient batik art which has spread throughout the world in recent decades.
  • Dirgantara Air Museum – World War II was an important time in this area; the museum showcases World War II military airplanes, including rare Russian airplanes, as well as airplanes from other times.
  • Kekayon – This is the most famous of the museums which display the wayang puppets which are central to the performing arts culture of the area.
  • Kraton (or Keraton)( ) – This historic site include a museum which describes the area.  Perhaps of more interest is that it includes an exhibit of chariots belonging to the sultan who lived here.
  • Sonobudoyo Museum – Travelers interested in exploring exhibits of the famous wayang puppets which make up a great part of the area’s creative culture should head here.  Other artifacts include statues and ancient weaponry.