Want to get more involved? A new kind of tourism, called sustainable or ethical tourism is the new travel buzz-word.  It means being respectful of visited people, their culture and environment, and is being promoted by the World Tourism Organization.  It is easily applied in Bali.   While you may not feel the need to get involved in this way on your first or even second visit to Bali, after you fall under its spell, and want to contribute to the wellbeing of its people, you may want to contact the organisations below or find one of your own that touches your heart/hati.  These are the few excellent organisations that have enriched my own travel to Bali (in alphabetical order). All will welcome you:

Bali Hati Foundation

Bali Hati creates coordinated, transparent, long-term programs that are self-sustaining and community based and works to better the educational and social conditions of local villages. Help by donation, or sponsoring a primary child A$50 or getting your school to, or by visiting Spa Hati, the profits of which support the Bali Hati Elementary School.  Tel: +62 361 977 576 www.balihati.org mail: balihati@indo.net.id Spa Hati bookings spahati@dps.centrin.net.id Tel: +62 316 977 578

East Bali Poverty Project: The EBPP mission is to empower illiterate and malnourished children through relevant education, improved nutrition and basic stay healthy principles; the reduction of poverty and promotion of culturally sensitive sustainable development. Help by making donations or buy the book 'Learning by Doing' for around A$20 for your self, your child or your school. It's suitable for students of Indonesian as its stories are in Bahasa Indonesian, repeated in English, with pictures by the child authors.      Tel : 62 - 361- 410071 www.eastbalipovertyproject.org mail : info@eastbalipovertyproject.org

John Fawsett Foundation: Through it's Indonesian arm, the Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia, Johm FAwsett conducts mainly medical projects which assist poor people. One of its programs is an Education Assistance Program where individual donors give AUD$100 per year to assist a child in primary school. Help by making a donation, donating your old prescription glasses or buying the book 'Bali Eye in Indonesia' around A$60 but sometines less. Each book purchased buys a cataract operation. Tel: +62 361 270 812 www.humanitarionprojectsindonesia.org mail: yki@indo.net.id

Kupu-Kupu Foundation: Kupu-Kupu aims to help children and adults with special physical and intellectual needs by providing medical attention including surgeries and occupational therapy as well as wheelchairs and other medical appliances. It also modifies buildings to make them more accessible, and provides educational support. More money is always needed, as are volunteer orthopedic doctors and physiotherapists prepared to lend a hand. It is also grateful for donations of good used toys and warm-weather clothes. Help too by buying at the Kupu-Kupu shop on Jalan Raya, Ubud just past Jalan Hanoman.  Tel: +61 361 972 997 www.yamp.com/kupukupu   mail: kupubali@yahoo.com