Tibet is dreaming destination for most of worldwide travelers, but with different travel permit restrictions make it difficult for many travelers to achieve the dream. Unlike any other city in mainland China, you need the Tibet travel permit to enter into Tibet, so below here is some important information about Tibet travel permit and its regulations;

1. What is Tibet Travel Permit?

Tibet travel permit is main paper work to enter into Tibet, it is compulsory for all the foriegn travelers to obtain this paper to enter into Tibet, this will check at both the airport and train station.

2. How to obtain it?

This is only issues by the Tibet tourism bureau in Lhasa, and no one can get it individually from any places outside of Lhasa, so you can only get it through Tibetan tour operators that registered in Tibet, for that you need to book your Tibet tour arrangement from that operator and then they will apply it for you, so all what you need to do is book your tour at least 15 days in advance and send your documents to the tour operator to start the application process.

3. What documents required

To apply for the Tibet travel permit, you need to send clear scan copies of passport and Chinese visa, if your Chinese visa is not tourist visa "L", and you have work visa or student visa, then you need an additional letter from your China based organization.

4. Is the permit policy changeable?

Yes. The permit policy changes timely and this is may different at the time when you travel, so you can check the most up to date travel policy on the web.