Hong Kong Breakfast

Hong Kong local breakfasts are mainly classified into three kinds: 1) Dim Sum in Chinese restaurants (mainly by older people or families, esp. family gathering on weekends or holidays, most restaurants start serving at 7am or 7:30am), 2) breakfast sets in Cha Chan Tang (all ages, 24 hours), 3) congee and fried noodles in congee restaurants (all ages, most start serving at 7am), 4)English Breakfast (all ages, mostly young folks / expats who are looking for a hangover cure.

 The followings are some examples:

Dim Sum:

Includes: steamed dumplings (e.g. shrimp dumpling, xiao mai, etc.), buns (e.g. barbecued pork bun, lotus seed paste bun, etc.), vermicelli rolls (with or without fillings, steamed or pan fried, some new restaurants even fried it with soya sauce or spicy XO paste), steamed chicken legs with fermented blank bean, steamed short ribs with fermented blank bean, spring rolls, etc.

Congee Restaurants:

Includes: preserved egg & pork, dried fish & peanuts,.... etc, deep fried dough sticks, steamed vermicelli rolls (normally without fillings, but the mixture already mixed with dried shrimp), fried egg noodles with dark soya sauce, fried rice noodles with vegetables, pan fried dumplings, etc.

Cha Chan Tang Sets:

includes: instant noodle or rice noodle in soup with beef in satay sauce, fried egg or scrambled egg with sausage or ham, pinapple bun (namely, no pineapple inside or outside, serve solely or filled with a slice of chilled butter), sandwiches (e.g. ham & egg). All sets serve with a drink (e.g. HK style milk tea, HK style coffee, lemon tea, etc. Normally iced drink needs to add HKD1 to HKD2). Many new cha chan ting serve modern breakfast, e.g. noodles in tomato soup in Vietnamese style, noodles with soup in Japanese style, Thick toast with fillings in Taiwanese style, mixed steaks in western style, etc.

Full English Breakfast:

Includes: The simple one at the McD with about 10-15 choices being served until 11:00 daily and 1 breakfast set all day on Sundays. The real ones usually served at Irish / British pubs mainly around TST / Wanchai / Central or Discovery Bay, Sai Kung, Lamma Island where a lot of expats live.