Mongkok Markets - The Fab Five

Mongkok is one of the many interesting districts in Hong Kong.  It hosts a number of famous, interesting and tourist friendly street markets that make for a great 1/2 day trip during any visit to Hong Kong.  Below is a list of the top five street markets in Mongkok, followed by a suggested route for seeing each during an afternoon/early evening, half-day trip in Hong Kong. 


The Ladies (Night) Market

The Ladies (night) market is the crown of the Mongkok street market scene, best seen in the early evening before the tourist traffic gets heavy or at nighttime when the market is thriving. Here there seems to always be something new, interesting, practical or just fun to buy.  The Ladies market is a good place to spend 60-90 minutes, perhaps longer if you are having fun.

The stalls mostly sell the same items so don't be afraid to shop around a bit.  Prices can quickly fall 33-75% when they know you are not quick to buy.  You can aim for 50% asking price if you are a seasoned haggler, otherwise just pay a price you are happy with for whatever goods you want to purchase. 

The Ladies Market starts at Argyle St., near the Mongkok MTR station and runs for three long blocks.


Fa Yuen Street Market

The Fa Yuen street markets is a more practical version of the Ladies Market, dealing in more consumable items but equally has its fair share or quirky and interesting things for tourist buyers. This market is best seen in the afternoon when all venders are open for business and the markets are thriving. The Fa Yuen Street Markets are a good place to spend 30-45 minutes.

Fa Yuen Street Market is one street over from the Goldfish Street markets and a few short blocks away from where the Ladies Market begins.


Goldfish Street Market

The Goldfish market is one of the truly exotic places we have in Hong Kong and should be visited during a trip to HK. Here you can find so many exotic and beautiful fish, turtles, lizards, salamanders, Rhino beetles and other interesting animals for sale or just to have a look. It is so very interesting to browse and take a few pictures on this street. The Goldfish Street Market is best viewed after lunch when more shops and dealers are open for business, thus allowing you more to see and photograph.  The Goldfish Street Markets is worth 20-30 minutes of your time.  However, for some that enjoy the exotic element of this market, much more time might be needed.

 The Goldfish Street is located one street over from Fa Yuen St.


Bird Market and Garden

The Bird Garden and Market is yet another exotic and interesting find in the Mongkok area. Here you will find many stalls dealing in life birds, feed, cages and most things related to the Chinese passion of owning birds. Like many of Mongkok?s street markets, this one is best visited in the afternoon when more dealers are open for business, allowing you more to see in the Bird Market.  This market and garden area is good for 20-30 minutes of your time. 

The Bird Market is located on Yuen Po Street, just off the end of the Flower Market Street.


Flower Market Street

 The Mongkok Flower market is a nice little attraction. Here you can spend a while admiring the many flower, plants, bonsai, etc. 

The many orchid arrangements sold here are a favorite. Again, its best to visit in the afternoon when more shops are open.  The Flower Market is nic to view for 30-45 minutes.

The market is particularly interesting the week before Chinese New Year for obvious reasons. Make an effort to visit here if you are in Hong Kong during the CNY holiday to see the galore of traditional plants, flowers and arrangements being made for this important holiday.

The Flower Market is located at the foot of the Bird Market and Garden. It also begins across the street from the Royal Plaza Hotel and finishes not far from where the Fa Yuen Street Market begins.


Ideal Half-Day Trip 

The ideal way to view each of the Fab Five street markets in Mongkok is to start in the early afternoon, after your lunch or morning sight seeing in Hong Kong.  This route allows you to visit each of the Mongkok markets when they are most thriving, offering you the most to see in the shortest amount of time possible.  This suggestion also allows for a dinner rest prior to exploring the world-famous Ladies (night) Market.  

1.) Fa Yuen Street Market (30-45 min) - 2:00-2.45pm
2.) Flower Market (30 min) - 3:00-3.30pm
3.) Bird Market (30 min) - 3.30-4:30pm
4.) Goldfish Market (30 min) - 4.45-5.15pm
Dinner in one of the 100s of good local restaurants in Mongkok - 5.30-6.30pm
5.) Ladies Market (60-90 min) 6:30-8:00pm