Chongqing is the main starting or ending point for alot of tourist who are cruising on the Yantgze River. Some people arrive via the River at the docks you will find a large number of taxis to take you either to the airport or your hotel. Most of these taxi's you will have to negotiate a price with as they don't like to use their meters.


The Chongqing Jiangbei Airport (CKG) is 25km north of the city centre (Jeifangbei downtown) in Yubei District. Most major chinese and several international airlines have nonstop flights daily. There are limo buses into downtown, just outside the airport a bit to the right; costs 25RMB. Taxis can cost around 50-100 CNY. Taxi's are alot cheaper here than most of the large cities.The meter starts at 5 or 6 RMB.


Chongqing has 3 main railway stations. Chongqing Railway station is the main station (2010) located in Caiyuanba in Yuzhong, close to the Hilton Chongqing hotel. This station currently has the most routes but it is steadily being phased out. Chongqingbei Railway station in Yubei District is the new station, to the north of Jeifangbei downtown. It has the new bullet train routes (D-Trains to Chengdu, more planned to Xian, ect). The station has bus as well. The final station is located at Shapingba. There are two smaller stations (Chongqing East in Dadukou District and Chongqing South in Jiulongpo District) but these mostly serve local (very slow) trains.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two train stations called ChongqingBei (Chongqing North) and you need to know which one to use. The older one, which generally serves local and slow trains is located on Line 3 of the Metro system at ChongqingBei station. The newer station which handles the bullet trains (D class) to long distance spots is also called ChongqingBei, but is further away from the Metro entrance and will require a hike. Don't get caught out and line up with all the hordes for the wrong station!  

== If you take a taxi to the rail or bus stations, be certain you say or write the correct one or have your hotel concierge do it for you. ==


Chongqing has several bus stations, most near train stations. The main station is in Caiyuanba in Yuzhong District, nearby to Chongqing Railway Station (down the street from the Hilton Chongqing). Bus from Chengdu, Xian, Guiyang, Kunming, and most other major cities come here. Shapingba and Yubei (Chongqingbei) have the other main bus stations.

The buses to/from Chengdu make a stop at Shapingba and take around four hours along the new Chengyu Expressway.


Boats and ships arrive and depart from Chongqing to Yichang, Wuhan, and Shanghai along the Yangtze River (Chiang Jiang). The popular Yangtze River Cruises, Dinner Cruises, and Three Gorges River Cruises all depart from Xiaotianmen at the tip of the Yuzhong peninsula (tip of the beak of the duck head).