First-time visitors to China who want to experience the Great Wall have few options. They can reach it via a general great wall guided tour, or they can reach it through specific arranged services, or can even visit directly (the cheapest option) if they feel capable of navigating a fairly difficult bus system. The bus system will lead people to the repaired great wall known as Badaling Great Wall, The bus tour can never go to wild great wall. If search on google and type in ' wild great wall trip ' you will find the best part of the great wall people usually don't find.

For first-time visitors to Beijing,  there is certainly plenty to keep anyone occupied.  Beijing is a city that has transformed into a very vibrant and fashionable city.  It is also the site of the 2008 Summer Olympics.  At the same time, Beijing is home to China's most famous historical sites.   A trip to the Great Wall as mentioned above is a must, as is a visit to the Forbidden City  the largest palace in the world and home to 24 emperors in two dynasties.   A stroll through the Beijing Hutongs or old Beijing alleyways can give you a glimpse of Chinese traditional life and a Kung Fu performance or Beijing Opera  will complete the day.