The most popular day trip from Beijing is to visit a section of The Great Wall Of China.

Depending on which section you choose to visit and how long you want to spend there it is best to plan for half a day. If you want to do a bit of hiking on the semi restored or unrestored sections then it will be a full days trip. 

Where the wall meets the sea at Shanhaiguan an overnight stay is recommended.

To find helpful infomation which includes how to get there and tips by reviewers go here:




  Mutianyu Great Wall



 Ever heard of a little village called CHUANDIXIA? This wonderful little place is nestled away about 90 kilometers (2 hours by bus) from Beijing. Located in a valley it is surrounded by majestic hills. It is very scenic with orchards & terraced fields.

Once you arrive at this hilly little village you will find little alleyways and old courtyard architecture. It is very charming but only small so it will take about 2 hours to wander around. A few years ago this little hamlet was unknown to foreign tourists but now there is a small entrance fee.It is also popular with Chinese tourist groups so it might be busy on weekends or certain times of year.

Some of the more savy residents are now also opening up their homes, for a small fee, so tourists can spend the night. There are several to choose from so if you want to stay don't be shy about asking to see the rooms. Baishun Kezhan seems to be the most popular (it is located at the base of the village).

There is a daily bus at 7.30am from Pingguoyuan Bus station. There are 2 return buses at 10.30am & 3.30pm. There is also Bus 929 - but it is quite complicated and means transfering to a taxi.


 SHIDU has long been known by Chinese tourists. It is nicknamed Guilin of the North for it's natural beauty. It's a good place to do a bit of hiking. There are bamboo rafts for hire to drift along the Juma river. Bungee jumping ( you can see the bungee jumping cranes in the picture) or rock climbing are also options.

There are trains from Beijing West station or buses that take 2 hours.


ZHENGDING makes for a long day trip but is doable. This town is known for it's temples & pagodas. Some of them are a bit crumbly which adds to the atmosphere and some are in working order - like Linji Temple, but you can still get an idea of this bit of Old China from the old buildings. It's best to buy a ticket (RMB 60 - Linji Temple not included) to see all the sights or you can pay individually as you go around. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to wander around the town.

If you decide to stay overnight you will need to head back to Shijiazhuang.

It's 250 kilometers from Beijing - To get there use the express train from Beijing West Station that takes 2 hours.  You will arrive at Shijiazhuang train station. From there get one of the  regular minibuses to Zhengding that depart from Daocha Jie which is slightly south of the main bus stop. Make sure you get return times so you dont get stranded.