Beijing for Kids-Merry Water World- Tulip Hot Spring Garden Resort 

It is a huge comples combind with Hotel, Villas,Conferene Center ,etc...The indoor water park is really nice place for playing water  warm in winter and cool in summer.This place not crowed ,no loud music ,no smoking ,quite clean.

It open from Monday - Friday from 13:00 pm -22:30 Weened from 9:00am-22:30 . It is about 30 minutes from the downtown locating on the northeast of Beijing .

 There are different pool area-kids area, hot spring water for adults with smaller private pools,and some larger ones too.

Large Slides:

There is a Huge water slider, which you go down in a boat - it goes quite slowly ,so safe for adventurous kids. You have to walk up lots of steps to get to the top carring the boat.

There is another slide for teens and up, that is like a skate ramp,and there is another slide,huge ,just for people. These three slides open in different time in a day .please notice the board.

Main kids area

This place is really nice ,

There is a climing structure in the middle with some slides .One is a short tunnel slide ,one is a twisty slide ,one is very fast drop slide and there are two long tunnel slides.These are suitable for age 0-6 ,the warter is warm kids still can playing in winter. On the top of the stucture there is a big bucket when it is filled full water it will spill the water down .And in different time it will make a manmade rain down .

Large Cold Pool

There is the deeper part in the center.

You could rent small paddle bats for the kids,and the manmade sea wave make you feel you are in a real beach .

 The river

There is a river that goes around the area ,and you can rent a row boat .


Included  in the entrance tickets is a buffet meal supplied there . 

For the adults

There are saunas, hot spring ,massages,ets...

The negative

There are not so enough lounge chairs  .

They provide shampoo, cotton buds and hair dryers.

Gate of the Water Park Lobby pool areaslidesadults slidescold water poolhot spring pool