This Museum is not in the Lonely Planet but you will find it in the tourism book you can pick up for free at the airport and it is a place worth the effort if you have an interest in planes.

It takes about 90 minutes to get there from central Beijing and costs RMB50 per person to go in.

In Winter  the place sees sub-zero temperatures and few visitors but in summer  is a much more popular space as they have electric golf cart type buses to ferry people around, they have a restaurant and even a couple of fairground like rides.

On a cold day  you will be grateful for the enourmous hangar housing 64 full size planes plus numerous other displays and 12th scale models.  It is 576 metres long, built into a cliff and temperature controlled at 18 degrees.  It has been very well put together and was the highlight of the place.

All the indoors displays are in Chinese but the 64 planes inside and most of the 150+ planes outside have signs in Chinese and English. Some planes are replicas but it says on the signs if they are.  The signage is really good and looks like it is currently in the process of being upgraded.

To give you an idea of some of what you will see...There are probably about 50 MIG 15's as well as several MIG 17's and 19's. About 20 helicopters on display and a lot of Shenyang F6's & F8'd. (Shenyang is the Chinese made version of a MIG). There are also 2 x TU4's (reverse engineered Chinese copies of the B29 Superfortress), there are also Antonovs, Illusions (sp?), Tupolevs, Chairman Mao's plane (you can go onto one for an extra 5RMB,wreckage from a Taiwanese U2 spy plane that was shot down by the PLAF, some trucks, radars & weapons etc.

Unlike many places in Beijing this place is wheelchair/stroller friendly. 

The website is all Chinese but does have a few photos.


This museum is open now (August 2010). Directions to get there: Take subway line 5 north to last stop (Tiantongyuanbei) and exit north where there is a small bus station. Take bus 643 to the 15th stop which is the China Aviation Museum (Hangkong Bowuguan) bus stop. Take a little 3 wheeler or walk the 3/4 mile to the museum entrance.