Donghuamen Night Market

This market is located on the east side Donghuamen street  and starts at the intersection with Wangfujing Daijie and is to the north of Chenguang Street . The stalls set up around 3pm and close at 10pm. Very tourist orientated you will find the staff in the stalls very helpful and able to converse in English. There are over 60 specialty snack stalls selling array of edible and exotic snack food which is found throughout China . Food on sale includes skewers of many types of meat (beef, chicken, scorpions, squid, grasshoppers, sparrow) corn on the cob, fried pancakes with peking duck, noodles, seafood and desserts (see the picture below).  Most food here is more than you would expect to pay in most markets or hutong venders as it is mainly for tourist, prices range from 5CNY to 20CNY.

  Food Stall                   food market - skewers


Wangfujing Snack St

On the left side of the Wagfujing Shopping Mall and South of the Haoyou Emporium, a decorative archway leads to Wangfujing Snack St. Past the open-air market takeawy stalls and restaurants the ally becomes the Haoyou Market.

  Along this street you will find an array of restaurants and stalls selling both exotic and traditional Chinese cuisine. Unlike the Donghuamen night market  there are established restaurants lining the street so there is places to sit and eat your meals. Along some of the streets in this area there are some stalls which sell souvenirs.




This is the entrance of Wangfujing Snack Street:



and a typical stall: