Arrival in Lamu. Well first off you can only arrive on Lamu Island by boat from the air strip on the adjacent island - Manda. Arrival here is usually by air from Nairobi (flights from Mombasa go via Nairobi).

Kenya Airways not flying to Lamu any more. This may be due to financial cut backs or the fact that the airstrip on Manda is in need of repair so the larger planes can't land at the moment. Nearest place to fly to with an 'all in' ticket is Malindi and then get the new low cost airline Fly540 to Lamu (cost around £75 return) you can book this on line. Or a more expensive choice is to get a flight to Nairobi where you have to transfer to Wilson airport some 30 min drive the other side of Nairobi and then get Air Kenya, Fly540 or Safarilink flights to Lamu.

On arrival, once you have collected your bags and there will be many hands to help you, you can get a local boat to Lamu Town or a private boat to Shela. Pre booked hotels will send their own boat and/or porter.

Some brave people (and locals) take a bus from Mombasa up the coast road but the journey is long and there have been reports of bandits on the route, not to be recommended unless you are an old Africa hand!  Once on the island there are no roads and the only transport is by boat or donkey!