Beach boys 

First off there is no night life in Lamu! It is a strict Muslim culture and no alcohol can be consumed in view of the public. Therefore, there is no alchohol in any Muslim run restaurants, although they do amazing fresh fruit juices. So no bars or clubs anywhere. You can get a beer at Petley's Inn on the sea front near the jetty, but they quite often run out of spirits. At night the bar upstairs in Petley's is open til late and quite lively with music but no frills ie no food not even a peanut! Only a couple of hotels have bars, i.e. Palace and Jannat House.  Whispers cafe in the street behind Palace hotel has wine but they close at 9pm, although there is talk of a new restaurant opening there soon. There is a Friday night local disco at the Civil Servants HQ playing reggae (Bob Marley is very much alive in Africa) and R'n'B but be sure to take your mosquito repellent! In Shela, at the other end of the island, you can join the jet set and watch the sun go down with an 'Old Pal' cocktail on the terrace of Peponi's. Altho' if you are staying in Lamu town don't leave it too late to return as it is more difficult (tho not impossible) to get a boat to take you after dark. A nice thing to do is organize your own beach party; get the local guys to help with food, drinks, a fire and drums.

Very few places in Lamu would say no to alcohol. people think by saying no to alcohol they will loose business. This is a fact because there is no search done to guests entering the houses and people end up hiding alcohol to their rooms. Beer bottles are found in every guest house. People have to be  more open.