If you are travelling to Lamu, it is a good idea to read up a bit before you go. There are many places to stay in both Shela and Lamu, but some of them don't have their own websites so for some of the cheaper options you may need to go through a local agency.

 For flights, the following airlines fly to and from Lamu within Kenya: Fly 540Safarilink and Air Kenya.

It is also possible to take a bus, either from Mombasa or Malindi (you can get buses from Nairobi to both Mombasa or Malindi). Probably the best way is to do an overnight bus to Mombasa and then catch the bus in the morning from Mombasa to Lamu. The road is a bit rough on the last part of the journey to Lamu, but it is doable. Another option is to catch a bus to Malindi and then fly from Malindi to Lamu.

On activities - there are lots! Dhow trips are a must. Also, don't miss out on the beautiful silversmith shops in Lamu town - you can get some lovely silver and ceramic jewellery (made from old pottery found from shipwrecks). Unless you find you have spent all your time on the beach!