Some Ideas for Eating out in Nairobi

Veggies beware!

1) Safari Park Hotel (nyama choma)- Way out in Thika rd. Great food, eat as much as you like meat off the BBQ, crocodile, camel as well as the norm but it is the show that makes the night. Dancers and acrobats, wow the acrobats are good! A wee bit expensive but worth every shilling.

2) Furasato- In Westlands just next to the sarit center. Japenese food. Good atmosphere. Great Tepenyaki.

3) Jungle Thai- Next to Ya Ya center, right by quick-fit. Obviously thai, quite pricey but well worth it. This place is now closed and replace by a bar. Not very popular.

4) The Rusty Nail- Way out in Karen. Great food. Limited in choice but is so nice to sit outside in the garden on nice evenings.

5) Orchid- ABC Plaza. Just opened. Thai 'fusion' food. Expensive but very, very nice.

6) Brazilian Place- Panari sky center (can't remember what it is called). Not very brazilian? same as Safari park and carnivore with the meat, ie show a card when you are beaten. The salad before you start is excellent-best in Kenya.

7) Open House- Next to Uchumi in Westlands and another in Karen shopping center. Indian food. Not the best atmosphere but a great curry. Full of Indians which is always a good sign. House speciality -  chilli paneer - do not leave without trying some!

8) Mediterranio- One in Westlands and one at the junction. Italian. Nice.

9) Spur- Holiday Inn, Westlands. Steaks are good but 'Salad Valley' is a rip-off.

10) Carnivore- Langatta Rd. Eat as much meat as possible- condiments are not as nice as Safari park or Brazilian but atmosphere is great- pretend its your birthday and they will sign Jambo song, very funny. Good party after just next door.

11) Christie's Cafe  If you'd like to eat with the local Nairobi crowd in a clean and very inexpensive little place, this is situated downtown on Moi Avenue about 5 min walk from Maasi Market. The passion fruit or mango drinks are inexpensive and you can get a delicious vegetable curry for 180 sh (less than $3), including a small bowl of soup. A big scoop of vanilla, chocolate & strawberry ice cream with lots of fruit (more than enough for two) costs only 150sh (less than $3). The wait staff are all smartly dressed and the service is quick and friendly.  Christie's is a real find.

This Christies is  a cafe where they have no customer service whatsoever! The management will not listen to complaints raised by customers and the juices are not fresh as indicated in the menu

12) Mister Wok - Nice chinese restaurant/food court at Capital Centre on Mombasa road. Nice clean food, great prices, carefuls ervice, but just a little slow. Must try!

14) Food court in Sarit Centre  - Central shopping centre in Westlands - lots of diiferent places to choose from if hungry -  Chinese, Pizza and Burgers, African delights, Juices and lots of vegetarian options!

15) Sizzlers - Chinese restaurant in Apic Centre, Westlands. Good menu with very large choice - and large portions!

 16) Food court in Village Market - Large, outdoor mall in Gigiri with African, Italian, Indian, Thai, Amercian, etc. Great atmosphere!