Kenyan Music Festival

    This event draws groups of students from schools and universities to Nairobi every August to compete among one another. Groups are drawn from regional contests, with the winners advancing to the festival. Categories of competition include African, Western and Oriental music, and may be vocal, instrumental or dance-oriented. A highlight are the folk songs performed by native Kenyan tribes whose repertoire includes hunting songs, fishing songs and lullabies.

    The festival is held at the Kenyatta International Conference Center in downtown Nairobi on Harambee Street, within easy walking distance of other attractions and hotels in downtown Nairobi.

    Kenya Schools and Colleges Drama Festival

    Similar to the music festival is the Kenya Schools and Colleges Drama Festival . Troupes from schools and colleges vie for the chance to come to Nairobi and compete against schools from around the nation.

    East African Art Festival

    This festival is held each year in Nairobi by the Kenya National Museum. The event takes place over three days and includes artists from the entire East African Region. Exhibitors display their art works, paintings, traditional artifacts and architectural designs.