The Snake Park is an exciting place to visit, whether you have stopped in Nairobi and are looking for something to do or you have some free time on your hands.

Located at the Nairobi National Museum grounds, the snake park is what scientist or museum experts , would call a 'live exhibition'. And you can understand why, the "exhibits" are truly alive, unlike the ones in the museum itself.

Here you will find more than just snakes, let the name not fool you. The main attraction is the snakes of course but there's also plant life that you could learn from, an aquarium with all sorts of fish (like catfish, tilapia), crocodiles, alligators, birds, lizards, monitor lizards, turtles and tortoises. Plan to spend no less than an hour as you go through the park.

The park was closed for renovations and just recently opened and is now more interractive, the flow is even better and guess what, for those not interested or are scared of seeing snakes, the flow allows for you to see other species without necessarily seeing the serpents :)

This is a must visit while in Nairobi. Whether alone, with friends or family, it's the place not to miss.

Making some observation while there, when people visit the museum, kids actually drag their parents to the snake park and not the other way around. Don't know why adults are more scared to visit than the children...

Anyhow, a visit to the museum is definitely not complete without a visit to the Snake Park.