Nairobi National Park itself is a wonderful way for short-term visitors to Nairobi to have a safari experience, and it certainly deserves several hours. More recently, with help from a European Union grant, the Kenya Wildlife Service developed a new facility on the Nairobi National Park grounds called the "Nairobi Safari Walk." Through a combination of careful use of existing and simulated landscape, the Safari Walk offers forests, wetlands and savannahs and the animals contained on each one. Visitors, including handicapped visitors or those in wheelchairs, can travel the trails and boardwalks of the Safari Walk to view a wide range of animals including pygmy hippos, a rhinocerous as big as a tank, a pride of lions, monkeys, albino zebras, the rare bongo, cheetahs, antelope, a variety of birds and other African wildlife. Ths SafariWalk also exhibits about 150 species of local trees, as well as indigenous grasses and flowers.Some unique plants and animals that are locally extinct or threatened are displayed so that the public can learn the dangers facing conservation today. On slow days, some employees will give visitors the equivalent of a private tour, taking guests behind some of the standard exhibit areas so they could get better pictures and telling visitors "backstage" information about many of the animals and the park itself. You will be glad you spent 3-4 hours at Nairobi Safari Walk.