Deciding to go full of half board can be a real dilema.  The hotels in Luxor all provide a buffet style meal or let you have a money off voucher towards a meal in their very over priced restaurants.

Even though there are numerous restaurants outside of your hotel, unfortunately it can be chaotic and stressful to leave; men shouting "Taxi, Taxi, Calesh, Calesh", "Come look in this shop" etc. Therefore the hotels feel safe in the knowledge that approx 80% of guests will not go outside to eat.  The effect can be that they produce very low quallity food (the chips are all frozen, foods reheated and it can all seriously over priced). 

For example a toasted panini at lunchtime in the Sonesta St George can be 40 to 70le; 200 yards away in the Tuttifrutti Tearoom, the same panini will be 20 - 30le.  A burger in the Steinberger Nile Palace costs 50Le and you can usually find a nicer more affordable version in the street restaurants from 30le. 

The hotels all charge about 60Le for a small glass of local wine and a bottle can be purchased in Licensed restaurants from 85le to 155le. A beer will set you back a minimum of 30le in most hotels, but outside the same beer will cost you 15 - 20le.

So even if you are a little nervous to venture out and arrange a taxi to take you even the shortest distance, you not only ensure your bill is about a 1/4 of your hotel bill, you will also get to experience fresh, local,  tasty food all prepared to order.

Be a little adventurous, enjoy and save money in the bargain!