Cairo has many modes of public transportation that both residents and tourists can ride to get anywhere they need to go. The only problem, however, is that tourists may not be comfortable with the heavy crowds on the tramways and busses as well as the fact that these two systems are not always 100 percent reliable. The subway system is known to run on more of a regular schedule.

Busses: Cairo’s bus system consists of a number of different lines of service. The different services cost different amounts of money to ride. There are standard and mini-busses run by the Cairo Transportation Authority (CTA), and there are also “micro-busses” which are run by a private company. The unfortunate part about the micro-busses is that they are cheap but unreliable. Bus 111 goes from outside Terminal 1 at the airport to Ramses station and beyond. It's the cheapest way to get out of the airport and hop on a metro without dealing with taxis. Fare is usually less than 1 LE. While getting in, tell the driver/conductor to let you know when to get off. Sign language, with some key English words is usually sufficient.

Trams: Cairo has a tram system that has been running since 1896. There are three different lines on the tram system and they are all run by the “CTA.”

Subway: The city has an extensive subway system that runs on a regular (and reliable) schedule. The schedule is as follows: Winter: 5:30 a.m. until midnight. Summer: 5:30 a.m. until 1 a.m. The subway trains run every six minutes during both the winter and the summer. There are currently two lines. It is the fastest and cheapest way to travel in Cairo (cost 1 LE). You can take the metro to Giza station and hop on a microbus (which is not the best solution you can do, pick pockets are always there and harassment is a normal thing when a lady rides whether verbal or physical, its not that safe" to the pyramids. Or to see the Museum of Antiquities (near Hotel Hilton) or to see the Coptic Museum. It is helpful to have a metro map overlaying the city map.

Cairo also has a train system and a ferry system.