Cairo International Airport is located about 22 kms or 13 miles from central Cairo. EgyptAir is the national airline based in Cairo.

Cairo Airport has recently added a third terminal. All EgyptAir flights, and other star alliance members leave from this new terminal. It also has two other terminals, which are different buildings all together. Terminal 1 is locally know as Al Matar Al Adeem ( the old airport) and Terminal two is locally known as Al Matar Al Gadeed ( the new airport).

Cairo Airport has duty free shopping, it's not the best, but not bad either.  When going through customs, if you have exempt items, or more than the duty free allowance - go straight to the red zone to declare them.

Note: There is a limit of L.E.5,000 and $10,000 or equivalent, on the amount of cash allowed to be carried in or out of Egypt.

There are new laws that forbid you to take liquids on board, without the strict practices put into place. This is the norm for most or all international airport:  All liquids are to be put into containers that carry a maximum volume of 100ml. Even if the content is less than 100ml, and container is larger, it will not be permitted. You must then put all the containers into a zip lock bag. This bag must be transparent, with a maximum volume of 1 Litre and must be re-sealable.

On arrival, make sure you have some EUR/GBP/USD cash with you to buy a tourist Visa, or you'll get stuck in 'no-mans-land' before the passport/visa check.

The Cairo airport has a very nice web page at  As of Jan, 2011, Terminal 2 is closed for remodeling and many flight that previously left from Terminal 2 now leave from Terminal 1.  The web site shows you which terminal and hall your flight will use.