Khalil Musuem, formal name "Musuem of Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil and his wife", is probably the most important modern art musuem in Egypt. It is situated in Guiza, Charles De Guelles Street near "Magles Al Dawla", which is the high administrative court.

It occupies the palace of Mohammed Mahmoud Khalil, an Egyptian politician in the 1930s and 1940s. He was a prominent art collector and his collection is exhibited in the musuem now.

In addition to a great variety of ceramics, copper and bronze statues and artifacts, the musuem contains a collection of paintings of many famous painters such as Monet, Gogan and Renoir. The musuem contains the famous "Sun Flowers" of Van Gogh and Paul Gogan's "life and death". Each of the two famous paintings reside in a special room.

 The musuem is calm and never crowded. With small cafeteria in its small garden, one can spend a whole day there.