Egypt Tourism Authority Egypt's official tourism website. The best place to start to get an overview of what to do and where to go in Egypt.

Tour Egypt  has a website dedicated to tourism and includes information on tours and how much things generally cost in Egypt. It also contains many Egyptian-related articles.

Egypt Tours and Travel has a website that contains information about group tours and travel insurance information.

Egypt Air for flight booking

Sleeper Train Official Site

Online Sleeper Train Booking Site

Info about trains in Egypt 

Trips To Go  Collective travel site for sharing travel tips on tipping and how to spend money wisely while in Egypt, how to get your Blackberry worked all around Egypt, how to cross streets in Cairo, what women should wear for less attention and more tips in addition to information about some tours and where to go plus some news on recent excavations. Just follow the labels on the right side. 

Jeeran Egypt has many reviews, maps , phone numbers of local businesses such as mechanics, doctors, and tour operators.