Visitors have numerous options for getting to Tbilisi, which include by plane, car, bus, train, and boat.

            The majority of visitors flying to Tbilisi will choose to land at the Tbilisi International Airport, which is located around 10 miles east of the city.  This is Georgia’s largest and busiest airport, and has many incoming flights from major international locations in Europe and North America.  Transfers into town from the airport can be done by minibus or taxi.  Renting a car is another possibility for getting to the city, as there are a couple of rental agencies around the airport.  However, first time visitors to the country should investigate the driving rules of Georgia before deciding to get behind the wheel of a car.

            Driving into Georgia can be done from the borders at Aserbaidschan, Russia, Turkey and Armenia.  This can be a great way to see much of the country before arriving at Tbilisi.

            Currently the only way to get into Georgia by regular bus service is from Turkey.  Buses used to come from Russia, but have been temporarily stopped.   From Armenia you can take a marshrutka from Yerevan (by the old train station); it takes about five hours and costs seven or eight thousand dram (2009).

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Train services connect Tbilisi with numerous domestic cities, as well as international locations such as Moscow and Baku. 

            There are a few ways to get to Tbilisi via the Black sea, which include by boat or cruise ship. 

            For more information about getting to Tbilisi, visit this Getting There page.