Majority of visitors to Myanmar arrive by air, via the Yangon International Airport.  There are frequent flights out of Bangkok and Singapore. The quickest and most comfortable mode of domestic travel is by Air Mandalay which is a regional air carrier. Yangon Airways as well as Myanmar Airways, is partially government owned and partially privately owned. Their service connects to Yangon from Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Delhi and Hong Kong. (For instance, the Hong Kong service runs twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) from October to March). Air Asia have also started flight to Yangon.

When arriving internationally into Myanmar, a visa is required. Visa on Arrival is currently not available at the airport (Jan 2013). It normally takes between 1-4 days in BKK; in order to obtain a visa it is required to declare your occupation and the place of work. If one indicates they are a profession related to journalism, documentary, video or human rights inspector, their application may be rejected. Visas can be applied for between 9-12:00 and collection is between 3.30-4.30pm. 2013 price for a tourist visa is 830 baht.

Once one arrives to Yangon, government run and private taxis are available at the airport to carry the passenger to city. There are no metered taxis at the airport. You will be approached by taxi drivers and you can either negotiate a price with them or go to the taxi desk which will give you a blue ticket with a pre-arranged price. The tourist desk quoted a price of 8000 kyat (Jan 2013) to go to the city centre, but the taxi desk charged 7000 (but that may be because the hotel was closer). It was certainly less troublesome.

Money: There is an government money exchange by the airport baggage collection but a better exchange rate can be obtained after exiting immigration. There are two bank money exchange desks as you exit arrivals which will accept USD, Euros, Singapore dollars or Foreign Exchange Certificates (FEC) for Myanmar Kyat. Many shops and restaurants will take USD. Credit cards are rarely accepted and there are few atm's.

Trains, ferry boats and buses are all available for those who want to experience local transportation and meet Myanmar people as they travel. Information is available at hotels or travel agencies.