Bring crips dollar bills to change into kyat. The rate for $100 bills is higher than $50 and below. Do bring crisp bills but you will get a better rate for $100 bills.

Kyat is the first currency for taxis shopping ,eating and hotels

There are now official Bank exchange at airports with fixed rates and they accepy the 4 main currencies-$,sgb,Baht and €  Also many ATM's are now  being introduced but there is a fee of 5000kyat+ and a maximum withdrawl of kyat 300,000 pd and your card issuer may also give a poor currency conversion rate.

Branches of the Farmers Bank in Mandalay and Yangon are the only places,apparently, that give a good rate for Aus$. Don't bring £Sterling-not only will you have difficulty fining a bank to change them but the rate is liable to be poor

The daily exchange rates are published here:-

Many have mentioned the quality of your USD - they are REALLY fussy about the quality of the note. It needs to be spotless!



A Woman's Guide to Traveling in Myanmar

1) Footwear and your feet - You will be taking your shoes and socks off a lot at pagoda's and walking all sorts of places on floors, stairs, that you normally would not do barefoot. So take a pkg. of wet towelettes with you to clean your feet. In addition to general dirt you might be walking through bird and monkey dung, spills and garbage.  Wearing slip on sandals is the easiest.A good suggestion is to  wear plastic shoes.  (Croc sandals were comfortable and fit the bill).  At the end of the each day it is possible to soak your feet in the hotel bathtub.  Pack and bring  a pumice stone or small scrub brush as well as some scrubbing material.  After cleaning  your feet throw your plastic shoes in for a soak.  If you don' t clean your shoes it has defeated the feet washing exercise. Also be aware that sometimes the hotel room floors are not  'spick and speck' so you will want to put your sandals right back on if you aim to get to bed with clean feet.

2) Dress attire- Very quickly you will notice that a very high percentage of the locals wear long skirts.  They are modest and short shorts or above the knee skirts are frowned upon. Regardless how comfortable you might be in them, once in Myanmar you will or should be conscious of just how wrong they are in this country. Crop length pants seem to be the best as long pants tend to end the day with dirty cuffs.  Also, an ankle length skirt or a knee length skirt works well.  Skirts are also easier for maneuvering the bathrooms.

3)Bathrooms- Always go to the bathroom with a few tissues up your sleeve.  Even toilets recommended by guides might just be a whole in the ground.  Hold your breath and squat low! An aid, something like a 'wopeeh' might be handy. Aren't you glad your shoes are plastic and you can wash them tonight? Seldom found are facilities with both running water and soap.  And fewer times less was there anything to dry your hands on. That's also where your towelettes help you also. Even a high end hotel lobby bathroom, while spotless, only provided a box of facial tissues as the drying option for hands.