Think about what sort of weather you want on a tropical island as it can be the difference between an Island paradise and disaster.   Cyclone and wet season start in early December for a couple (3) of months at least.  From the end of November you may get a daily shower of an evening.... it may last for 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days..  October and November are excellent times with not too high humidity and lovely breezes at night to cool you down.  Many resorts have aircon but some have ceiling fans which are fine most of the time.


In Port Vila, Nov-Feb are generally very warm & humid (25C at night and up to 30C in the day). April to October are less humid and temperatures sit within 23-28C but still great for water sports as the ocean temp is warm. A wide-brimmed hat and a sun screen with high SPF protection (preferably over 45) is highly recommended. Do bring a thin raincoat /spray jacket but a jumper or jacket won't be necessary

During the wet season, you can follow the cyclone alerts as they are regularly updated by the local government. Also, you can check the cyclones routes and strength at