This island circuit in the southwest Pacific is very tropical like most of its surrounding islands. This means that during the day, it is generally sunny, warm and refreshingly non stuffy. All day, any time of the year, the temperature remains between 68°F and 86°F. However, at the same time, the humidity level remains very high; one should try to pack very breathable, cotton clothes in order to combat the humidity. Also, one should bring a hat and sunscreen because at times, the sun can get very strong, especially on the beaches.

The relaxing and soothing sea breezes and trade winds allow the weather to be very relaxing and bearable despite the hot temperatures. Between October and April however, there can be heavy rainfall in the area. Then, during the middle of the year, the rain decreases significantly. The trade winds increase around March to October as well, bringing an added cool to the island.

Eye drops are advised. Some of the roads are made of crushed materials and when it is dry can be irritating to eyes.

A good time to visit is during one of the holidays or festivals when the towns all come to life with celebration. There are various tour companies that offer organized trips around the time of festivals. One should consult a travel agent to find out more details.