Some attractions in Guyana:

1.  Kaieteur Falls.  It costs north of $210 U.S. to go, but it is worth it as the falls are breathtaking and untouched.  Imagine a site that is 5x the size of Niagra Falls with barely any human imprint.  If you visit, there is a good chance you might be the only people in the entire national park.

2.  Santa Mission.  This is an Amerindian (native people of Guyana) village not too far outside of Georgetown.  Makes a great day trip.  Wonderland tours is one reputable tour operator that takes you there.  They will pick you up, drive you to the docks near the airport, take you on about an hour boat ride up a winding creek to the village.  The boat ride itself is magical.  At the village, you have lunch and got to walk through the village a bit.  You may even get to go to a pineapple farm at the back of the village, where the owner cuts pineapple right off the plant and served it to visitors.  Needless to say, it's the best you will have in your life.  There is also a craft store in the village with gorgeous baskets woven by the women who live there. 

3.  Arrowpoint Resort.  On the creek a little farther up from Santa Mission.  They take you on a walk through the rain forest, demonstrate cassava bread making, and stuff you with delicious Guyanese food.  You can swim in the lake and if you overnight, they will take you on a night-time walk to try to see creatures.

4.  Shanklands Resort.  Overlooks the Essequibo river.  Peaceful, relaxing, and beautiful.

5. Baganara Island Resort.  Another resort located on the Essequibo river about 50 miles in the interior from the Atlantic Ocean.  It's a secluded location in the middle of the jungle with plenty of amenities at your disposal.  There you can swim and kayak, participate in organized excurisions in the surrounding areas (Marshall falls, Parrot Island, etc.), or just relax and do nothing. 

6. Iwokrama - Enjoy a trip up the canopy walkway which is a series of suspension bridges and decks of up to 30 metres in height and 154 metres in length. It gives visitors a new view of the mid and upper canopy of the forest and allows wildlife to be relatively free from human intrusion. At the base of the canopy walkway is Atta Rainforest Lodge, resting amidst towering trees and grassy lawns. The lodge provides comfortable accommodation with 10 private rooms, three home-cooked meals per day, and ample opportunities to explore the surrounding rainforest by foot, canoe, or 4X4.

7. Shell Beach

8. Surama Eco-Lodge

Don't be scared to visit. If you exercise street smarts, you will be fine.  Don't go to the seawall at night without a Guyanese and without leaving everything at home.