Bogotá has an extensive tourist board informational website that includes a huge amount of information that anyone planning to travel to the city will find useful.

Some of the website’s features are:

The City: This section discusses the history of the city and it describes the geography in the area. The smaller cities that surround Bogotá are included, so that anyone wanting to learn about places to potentially visit during a trip here can find out information.  There’s also information about security in the city, modes of transportation, and details about Bogotá’s airport.

Attractions: Bogotá is home to several museums, libraries, scientific and architectural attractions, and parks and natural areas. This section goes into details about all of the attractions that Bogotá has to offer tourists.

Customs: Bogotá is a city that follows many religious customs, and religion is celebrated with many events and festivals. There are also a number of different foods and cuisines traditional to Columbia. All of these events and delicacies are discussed in this section.

Shopping: Bogotá is most famous for the emeralds that are mined from the country, cut, and sold in the city. Jewelry is also another popular item that tourists often buy. There are many small stores as well as several shopping malls where browsing is a popular pastime.