Eclectic, vibrant, passionate, artistic...In short, 2600 meters closer to the stars...This is Bogota. One of the biggest cities in Latinamerica. A very sexy place, paradise of cosmopolitan people, this city will not let you down on your desire for some latin life. Also very green - lots of trees lining streets and small parks dotting the city.

The city, with 10 million habitants is definitely huge. But if you are a tourist, and planning on coming, be ready to get the hottest neighborhoods of the city.

The most secure and fun area of the city is located between Calle (street) 67 and Calle 140. That is the cool zone of the city.  That is called the NORTH SIDE . (An that is the place where you definitely would want to be) In this area, you will find malls (Centro Comercial) like Andino , located on the corner of 85 Street and 11 Carrera (a different denomination for streets). Around this mall, there are two more within walking distance: Atlantis and the brand new Retiro. Here, you will find stores like Versace, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Zara, Mango, and others. Also in the area, T street has lots of bars and is a lively area.

This is the hottest place for dancing. Many good bars include La Sala (Electronic Music) , and Gotica (4 different spaces). If you are looking for some good dinner, take a walk to 93 Park (Parque de la 93), and  try one of the greatest hamburguers in the world...(Not McDonalds..) The place is called El Corral, and has some hamburguers you have never ever dreamed off. Also recommended is Andres D.C (Calle 82 No 12-21) - good food and lively entertainment and ambiance (generally recommended to book). Also, if you like chill out ambients, go to Il Panino, or ask for Gato Negro, an awesome restaurant.

If visiting from late November, the Christmas decorations go up all over the centre - including lights around real trees and added beautiful artificial ones where the leaves all light up & change colour.