The main museums of La paz are located in Jaen Street: 

  • The city of La Paz is home to several interesting museums, and among them is the Casa Murillo. It is housed in the former residence of Don Pedro Domingo Murillo, who was one of the most famous heroes of the South American Wars of Independence. This national hero executed by the Spanish army in 1810, and today his former home honors his memory as well as those others who fought for Bolivian nationalism. The museum features numerous collections of artifacts and artwork dating back to the late colonial period. It is open daily to visitors.
  • The Museum Costumbrista Juan de Vargas is the museum of national folklore and popular culture. It includes an eclectic collection of exhibitions, and visitors who return after only a few months will be surprised to find something completely different. The museum is famous for its ever-changing exhibitions.
  • The city of La Paz was one of the early Spanish cities of gold, and much of this is evident in the Museo Metales Preciosos or “Museo de Oro”, which houses numerous works made in gold and silver. Much of it is from the early Tiwanakus cultures, which lived in the region long before the rise of power of the Incas. In addition to the various metal objects, the museum also features numerous ceramics and other artifacts of the early cultures.
  • Many nations honor their past victories, but Bolivia is a nation that must also face its past. And much of it can be seen in the Museo del Litoral, which chronicles the Pacific War against Chile. Also known as the “Saltpeter War,” this conflict from 1879 to 1884 cost Bolivia its link to the sea. This issue remains unresolved, but this museum contains many artifacts of the war, including uniforms, rifles, swords and other items of the nation’s military past.
  • The Museum of Instrumentos Musicales, hold a large collection of unique and impressive musical instruments.

Other must see museums of La Paz include:

  • Museo de San Fransisco
  • Museo de Tiwanaku
  • Museo del Prado
  • Museo de Etnología y Folklore
  • Museo de Coca
  • Museo Tambo Quirquincha
  • National Art Museum