It sounds pompous but truthfully, the primary activity in Punta is lounging on the beach amongst beautiful people. Sound like a hard life? The heart of activity is on the various popular beaches around Punta, such as Montoya and the aptly named Bikini Beach. Not to say there is not much action! Merely people watching can make one’s heartbeat faster, with the propensity of supermodels strolling the beach. However, while on the beach, people are seen partaking in several activities: drinking cool beverages like Clerico or Quilmes, Argentine Beer. Others can be seen playing soccer on the beach. At night, several beaches host fun beach parties where the beaches fill with youth dancing to the European technophonic beats.


Some more adventurous souls try surfing in the waves in Punta but it is not very popular since the waves tend to be rather meager in the summer and the water is quite chilly. For those who like to windsurf or kitesurf, Brava Beach is the place to be. On Mansa Beach, visitors can be seen water skiing, windsurfing, diving, and swimming. Again, since the water is cold all-year-round, majority of people tend to stay in the warm sand.

  The Yacht Club Punta Del Este, located in Puerto de Punta del Este, offers several options for boating or fishing trips.
A beautiful, serene way to spend the day away from the beach is to escape into the natural wild plains around Punta on horse-back. A traditional gaucho (‘cowboy’) can show any novice rider how to adjust to an Argentine saddle and ride through the natural terrain with wind blowing through ones hair. One option for horse-back riding is Hípico Burnett in Camino a La Laguna.