The nightlife in Punta is infamous. Though it is hard to keep track of the hottest clubs each summer- as some open and close with ease- if travelers follow the crowds they are bound to be impressed by the vivacity and conviviality of Punta’s night crawlers. Punta at night is very safe and the locals and fellow visitors are all very friendly. However, the nightlife is known internationally for its exclusivity and if travelers are not on a list or not ‘in the know’ or not incredibly naturally endowed with beauty, they might find it difficult to get past the red-ropes or grand gates to the hottest night spots.

A new trend in Punta is the restaurant-nightclub. For instance, one example is that Buddha Bar recently opened on Bikini Beach. This large hut is elaborately decorated in South East Asian Motif and offers first class sushi. Sometimes, diners can enjoy a fashion shows for the privileged depending on the night. Other hot spots are more centrally located in La Barra. La Barra is literally packed with bars, clubs and beautiful people within. From Sioux with its sleek modern façade to Splendido, a chill lounge with live jazz performances, there is a place for everyone on this strip. The perennial favorite is Tequila, where the famous of the famous in Punta frequent.


One of the main facets of Punta is its private parties. Now that Punta is littered with million dollar homes, parties thrown during its high seasons are the stuff that dreams are made of. Fashion magazine and publicity firms spend thousands upon thousands to jet in the best djs, serve the best cocktails, and guarantee the hottest people in their homes. This means the doors are always tight and unless you are somebody in the scene in Buenos Aires (even people from Rio have problems) or are recognized as famous, you can have difficulty getting past the bouncers.


Another option in Punta is to drive into the main part of town and partake in the casino life. The Conrad Casino is world-class for all types of gambling and nighttime amusement.