Sports Activities  

Ice Skating 

The main ice skating rink is located near Carrefour on Airport Road (Street No. 2). There is also a small ice skating rink in Marina Mall.


Abu Dhabi has several golf courses including grass and sand courses. Most famous internationally is Abu Dhabi Golf Club, which is home to the Abu Dhabi Golf Championships. Non-members can also go to the club house bar and restaurants. 

The nearest golf club to the city is the Abu Dhabi City Golf Club, which is the oldest golf club in the city and the only one on Abu Dhabi island. It was previously known as Abu Dhabi Golf & Equestrian Club. The club features 9-holes, offers night golf with tee-times as late as 8.30pm, and hosts the UAE's first 2-tiered driving range at its Abu Dhabi City Golf Academy. Non-members are equally welcome as members.

Al Ghazal Golf Club.

There is a golf club next to the airport and also one on Yas Island.

Horse Riding

For horse riding in Abu Dhabi contact the Equestrian Club.

Scuba Diving 

Scuba diving is possible in Abu Dhabi. Contact your hotel for the nearest dive operators, or you might contact Gulf Marine Sports for all your diving needs 


It is possible to rent a bicycle on the Corniche. It is safest to keep to the cycle path on the Corniche for your cycle ride. It is possible to cycle the full length of the Corniche from the breakwater near Marina Mall to the fish market at the port. Cycle rental locations are found on the Corniche: near the Hilton Hotel, near the junction with 30th Street and also near the junction with 26th Street.  Noukhada Adventure Company offer trail biking in the cooler months.


There is an indoor ski slope in Marina Mall currently under development. Until this is open, skiers will need to go to Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

Jet ski

Jet skiing is possible but only from certain hotels with a permit. Contact the Hilton Hotel if your hotel does not have a permit. You usually have to deposit your passport with the jet ski operator while you have the jet ski out.


Some hotels have sailing boats available. It is also possible to hire from Abu Dhabi International Marina Club (near Marina Mall). Noukhada Adventure Company offer sailing (experiences, adventures and lessons) from their Al Bahia beach location.


Kayaking is increasingly popular.  A company can take you out in a kayak for a tour round the mangroves. You can also rent a kayak and go on your own to the mangroves and/or nearby islands. Operators include Noukhada Adventure Company (, Sea Hawk Watersports and Abu Dhabi International Marina Club (near Marina Mall).

Spectator Sports


There is a professional football league in the UAE. Sometimes there are also exhibition matches by overseas teams. International matches are usually held at Zayed Sports City and shuttle buses are organised from locations around the city for ticket holders.


International championship matches are held in the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium. This is close to Abu Dhabi just off the road to the airport.

Camel Racing

Camel racing takes place at various locations in Abu Dhabi emirate. For details of upcoming races, check the local newspapers.

Horse Racing and Show Jumping

Horse racing and show jumping events take place at Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club.


The main tennis stadium is at Zayed Sports City, which is on Abu Dhabi city island. The Mubadala Tennis Championship is held here on an annual basis. You can sometimes play tennis here. Some hotels also have tennis courts for members/guests.