When visiting Saudi Arabia keep in mind that some behaviour that may seem acceptable in Western countries are perceived as extremely offensive in Arab countries. Even though only Muslims are allowed to visit Mecca, you may still make unforeseen errors in behaviour.

Also watch your body language and avoid extravagant gesticulating, but also follow a conservative style in your dress sense. Locals can react aggressively if they are offended (and many times you will not be aware of the offence) by behaviour that does not respond to conservative patterns. Always, double check the clothes you pack.

It cannot be stressed enough: if you are traveling to Arabia for business or for work, be conscious of your choice of words, gestures and behaviour, those details that talk about the basic respect and decency needed in that blurred space of intercultural communication.

It is not easy, but not impossible.

On the other hand, crime does not seem to be a problem for travellers, you will not be robbed or assaulted. If you happen to be a victim of crime, approach your Embassy or Consulate where you will be helped with local police authorities in the investigation of the crime. If your passport was among the items robbed, immediately report the loss to your Embassy.

When visiting Mecca do be aware that immigration is strict and apart from the airports there are various immigration checkpoints on the way to Mecca so ensure that your papers and visas are in order. Also only Muslims are allowed to visit the holy city of Mecca wither under a Hajj or Umrah visa.

During you visit to the Holy Mosque, do note that it can get crowded during peak times such as the Hajj period and Friday prayers and here can be jostling amongst the crowds.

The heat can be unbearable so its advisable to wear sun block and drink plenty of water.