Tel Aviv is Israel's hottest nightlife center. This is the city for drinking, partying, and having a good time. There are dozens of clubs, bars, and restaurants that are open until sunrise - and beyond. A good way to kick start the night is by heading to a cafe or restaurant, where you can sit and relax. It isn't like in the United States where you get rushed out as soon as you are done eating. You can just sit down and talk for hours. There is no rush. Afterwards, you can head to a bar for some drinks and entertainment. Many of the clubs and bars will have live entertainment and musicians. There are also many dance clubs located throughout the city. Many are closer to the waterfront. Tel Aviv has a few good hookah bars as well. This is a bar where you can sit and smoke tobacco and relax for as long as you want. Because of the introduction of stricter anti-smoking laws in late 2007, smoking is prohibited in all restaurants and bars, no exceptions, and in all public buildings as well.  There was a disco bombing many many years ago in Tel Aviv, but since then there have been few incidents at clubs and bars throughout the city. Many restaurants, and almost all bars and club have security and they do an excellent job keeping the patrons safe.

The Tel Aviv gay scene is said to be one of the hottest in the world, although there aren't overly many gay bars. Somehow though, the gay drinking spots and discos attract the whole nightlife scene, as gay is barely an issue in Tel Aviv, and everyone mixes easily.