Tel Aviv is a very modern city that does not represent the overall traditional Jewish culture of the rest of Israel. Though most residents are Jewish, there are also Muslims and Christians who live and work in Tel Aviv and their influences are seen. However, Tel Aviv is a young city. Tel Aviv didn't even exist until 1909.  The city was built from scratch, and so because of that it lacks the intense history that follows in a city like Jerusalem. Also because of that lack of history and religious culture, Tel Aviv is a very secular city. This isn't to say that the inhabitants don't follow religion, but they do not follow it as closely as it is in Jerusalem. Tel Aviv is where you want to go for clubs, bars, theatre, the arts, beaches, gay life, galleries, architecture, museums and partying. Jerusalem is where you go for the religious inspiration and connections to history and ancestry. Tel Aviv has a great mix of artists, musicians, and young professionals who create a unique atmosphere which in unparalleled anywhere else in Israel.