Almost all Israeli hotels are open to gay travelers. No discrimination. There are some gay-friendly hotels that will make you feel more at home. The Marina hotel, located just a few meters from the beach (between Gordon Beach and Hilton beach- the gay beach), is one. It has a rooftop pool with a small bar. In summer it functions as a trendy bar, very loud and noisy, and open to the general public. 

Another gay friendly option is the apartment complex on Ben Yehuda Street , Ronika apartments, which offers basic apartments (with private bathrooms) in the heart of Tel Aviv, close to the beach and to the city's center. The complex consists of the apartments themselves, a sushi restaurant, an organic restaurant and a gym. 

All hotels belonging to the  "Atlas Hotels" chain are also gay friendly

There is a designated gay travel company in Tel Aviv, called the Gay Way TLV,  who checks all hotels and publishes the hotels that are truely gay friendly.