Whether you are an international traveler or coming to Haifa from within Israel, you’ll find that there are limited choices for arriving and departing. International travelers can take a plane or a boat; inter-Israel travelers can take a bus or train.

The Haifa Airport , located right on the gulf, is tiny. There is one runway and space for only four aircraft at a time. The only locations with regularly scheduled, direct flights to Haifa are Eilat (within Israel) and the island of Cyprus . Plane travel in the Middle East is complicated by political tensions; therefore, you may be unable to travel through neighboring countries and will have to instead take a series of connecting flights. Travel sites such as Travelocity or Orbitz can help you get the shortest flight itinerary available.

It is also possible to take a boat to the Port of Haifa. The port is equipped to accept international travelers, though security is high and you may have to wait in long lines. The important thing to remember when arriving in Israel is to keep your passport and identification safe and with you at all times.

Coming from within Israel, taking the train is the fastest way to get to Haifa. Israel Railways has six terminals located throughout Haifa, so you have many choices of where to get off the train. Another option is to take a bus to one of Haifa’s three main bus stops: Hof HaCarmel, Mifratz, or Bat Galim.