Haifa is located in northern Israel, the area with the best climate in the country. Southern Israel is mostly desert, but Haifa has a typically Mediterranean climate with plenty of rain and pleasantly sunny summers. Sea breezes tend to alleviate some of the heat during the warmest months, but sometimes hot desert winds can cause extremely high temperatures. To avoid these unpleasant conditions, don’t visit at the very beginning or end of summer.

The best time to visit Haifa is spring, either March or April. This is when the rain lets up and the flowers start blooming, but it isn’t too hot. The proper clothes to wear during this season are light, cool cottons. Those will actually work throughout the rest of the year, too, though in the winter you will need a light coat and some rain clothes (an umbrella and waterproof shoes). While overall rainfall during the winter in Haifa is high, it is concentrated into a small number of rainstorms. Many days during the winter will be dry, and it never snows.

While the heat may be irritating, many Israelis rely on the sun to heat water in their homes. Solar panels can be found on the roofs of private homes all throughout Israel.

Yahoo Weather provides a detailed forecast, satellite images and weather news for Haifa.