You do not have to be a bird watcher, to find this place amazing, even children will love the experience.

You can get a private talk by a volunteer who explains that Eilat was an oasis for millions of migrating birds, their only place for food and water during their flight over deserts. Then Eilat was developed and the vegetation destroyed, until they managed to replant an area over the old refuge site. You are where shown amazing birds that they had captured, put rings on and then you can touched them before setting them off again on their journey.

The place is not well know, good for the birds but bad for their lack of funds. You may have to telephone a few times to organise a tour. The  telehone numbers to try...6335339 or 6374741 or 6371127 or 637 4276.

To find it, it is close to the boarder with Jordan. It is possibly sign posted from the main road, opposite a petrol garage by the entrance to Kibbutz Eilot, and then when you get near the boarder, there are some small signs, that can be missed, in the shape of birds, leading you round to the right of the boarder crossing and up a dirt road. The centre is usually open to walk around, but there is not always someone there to speak to.