"Assalom" is their  typical greeting, like "Salom aleikum " meaning "Peace be with you." But it's used like "Hello" in English.

"Shumo chi khel?" or "Chi khel shumo?" = "How are you?"

"Rahmat, naghz." = "Thank you, fine."

"Man naghz." = "I'm fine."

"Rahmot, khoob." = "Thank you, good."

"Rahmat  OR Tashakkur " = Thank you.

Shumo az kujo hasted OR shumo az kujoed?"=  "Where are you from?"

Shumo az kujo omaded?"= "Where did you come from?"

Man az ( Amriko) hastam ."= I am from America

"Man az (Amriko) omadam." = I came from America.

"In (use ee for "i" sound) chand pool?" = "How much is this?"

"Arzontar meshavad?" = "Can I get it cheaper?"

"Yak, Du, Se, Chor, Panj, Shash, Haft, Hasht, Nuh" = "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9"