Inside Beautiful Margallah Hills 

Beautiful Green Margallah Hills, sourrounding Islamabad from 2 sides, is a branch of Himalyan Mountains Series and. These are also in Frontier province including the areas of Haripur Hazara in the North-west of Islamabad. This series also includes the famous historical city of Taxila in west of Islamabad , and also connects to  the Muree Hills and PirPanjar Hills which are further connected to Kashmir mountain areas (towards the East of Islamabad).

Margallah Hills under clouds, A picture from my Office Roof 

Margallah Hills under clouds, in  Rain


These mountains are very famous among the people of Pakistan , especially people of twin cities, Islamabd and Rawalpindi . For hikers, there are very beautiful places in these hills. There are many small and large villages in the moutains, most famous are PirSohawa, which is also a famous picnic spot and hill station, Gokina is the village, which is in the Hiking treck towards PirSohawa.


A walking track on PirSowaha Hill Station 

A small road which is a walking treck at PirSohawa

A famous picnic spot called "Daman-e-Koh" (means, in between the mountains) is an attractive place for those who just want to enjoy picnic,eating and tea etc. It is now developed by government in much better shape along with the facilities like small cars to take you to View point and hotel from your Parking. BTW, the ride of these busses is a nice experience.

I'm sorry, I don't have any picture of these, but you can check for Daman-e-Koh hill point from: 

People used to hike not just for fun, but also for exercise and so, there are some trails which are famous for such activity. Trail 3 is the famous one, which is used by hikers and exercisers to enter into Margallah Hills.


View from Islamabad City

If you observe Margallah Hills from Islamabad , you will notice that Margallah Hills series start gaining height from West of Islamabad and reaches to heigh altitudes in the North-East direction (as far I estimated the direction). In fact, in NorthEast, it touches Muree Hills, which are on big heights are famous for their cool environments.


Views from Margallh Hills

From many points in Maragallah Hills, you can observe many beautiful views of Islamabad city and Margallah Hills itself. As you go deep into the margallah hills, you will find more beauty. 

A view of Famous Faisal Mosque, from Margallah Hills 

View of Faisal Mosque, islamabad at night from Margallah Hills


Faisal mosque from Margallah Hills @ day time

Another view of Faisal Mosque at Day time


View of Faisal Mosque, islamabad at day from Margallah Hills 

View of Faisal Mosque, islamabad at day time  from Margallah Hills


A green valley inside margallah hills 

A valley inside Margallah Hills in clouds

You can visit my online album (at present, only pictures from PirSohawa, Margalla Hills, Islamabad) are there .  

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(All above images were captured by Farrukh (me))

Margallah Hills are full of beautiful valleys and places.  At some points, it is similar to Nothern Areas of Pakistan, which is called, Mini SwitzerLand or Switzerland of Pakistan :)


BTW, I am preparing an album of the pics from my Hiking, which also includes some margellous views of Margallah Hills and from Northern areas of Pakistan. I will place some links here as well.

Farrukh Waheed

Islamabad , Pakistan