Tuk tuks and moto's/motorcycles (and for expats taxis) are the basic forms of transport used by most living or touring Phnom Penh.  Busses within Phnom Penh itself are non-existent.   Be prepared for these local forms of transport and decide which best suits your travel needs. 

Motos are cheaper, faster, for the single  rider only, easier to maneuver through traffic and riskier.  Tuk tuks are intended for several travellers (and more if you are Khmer), a bit more expensive and safer.  Cyclos are largely transport of the recent past, sadly enough and fewer and fewer are to be seen now in Phnom Penh.  And of course, there are rental motorcycles for those who want to motor on their own.

At the airport, there are designated tuk tuks, costing $7 for a trip to city center, while taxis cost $10.  Within the city itself, travellers negotiate tuk tuk and moto fees.  Do it BEFORE taking off.  It's too late to bargain at the END of your destination.  Decide whether you want a single trip or whether you want to hire someone for an entire day. 

There are many tuk tuk drivers and motos.   All will bargain for a days fee or single trips.  Fees are affordable and fair.  Pay at the end of the day or end of the trip, never at the start.  If hiring for the day, consider giving the driver money for lunches or drinks.  If hiring for the day, make sure at every stop to determine your meeting place.  This will avoid uneeded frustration and confusion.  While not essential, it is always helpful to let your driver know about how long you will be staying at each stop. 

Beware when you hire a driver for the day.  If waiting for your driver, other drivers will approach hawking for business.  Frequently they will say your driver is gone and not returning.  IF you have not paid the driver and made clear plans for a meeting place, exercise a modicum of patience and the person you hired will appear.  Carry a cell phone as well and get your driver's cell number, the safest way of keeping track of each other.   


Know the prices in Phnom Penh as at Nov 2012:

- Tuk Tuk from Night Market to 88Backpackers in the North of the city = 1$.

- Tuk Tuk for 1 day = 15$.

- Tuk Tuk from Royal Palace to Night Market = 1$.

Know the prices in Siem Reap as at Nov 2012:

- Tuk Tuk for 1 day Angkor Wat = 15$. There is no starting time or end time for the day. You decide.

- Tuk Tuk for Rolus Group and/or Banteay Srey = 20$.

- Tuk Tuk for Banteay Srey and Kbal Spean = 25/30$.

- Tuk Tuk to the airport 4$ without car ticket entrance or 5$ with it. The tuk tuk might ask you 4$ at the beginning as a deal but will ask you afterwards for 1$ for the ticket.