' wat prasât" [VA:T PRO-SAT] , meaning in Khmer : Temple (Prasat) in (Budhist) Church ( Wat). In a Budhist church/ center people go there to pray Budha - a religious philosopher- But in a Temple , people go to pray for luck. Here in the "Wat Prasat", because of the combination of the two, peoples do both. And because many wíhes came true, people come back to dedicate statute/ holy trees or stone to place in this Wat Prasat for Thank. Hence there a a number of nice statutes / holy trees to see. A Half day trip to the nature is worth. Location: Phnom Penh Time: Day time, half day Entrance fee: No Distance: 20km or 30 min. from Center of Phnom Penh by bike or tuk tuk. How to go: From the Night market on the river front follow the Sothearos street close to the river , pasing underneath the Japanese bridge, go further north along National Road No. 5 heading to Battambang. Go straight for about 12 km and when you see a market on the junction then turn left at Preak Pena-oo. Now go straight for 6 to 7km (beautiful water area on the way with Lotus flower blossoms in summer ) . Look for the sign for WAT PRASAT on the right hand side and turn right through the Village Gate. 2 minute you will be in the Wat Prasat. On the left is the Prasat, on the right is the Wat. in the garden there a a lot of colorful statutes. Within the Wat itself are a myriad of paintings that depict the stories of Buddha and his teachings. Each of the paintings may be sponsored by one or two of the people who believe they benefited from increased wealth due to the Monk's blessings The Wat is particularly popular during the P’Chum Ben festival, normaly in September/October to pay honor and respect passed relatives. A visit to the Wat at this time is full of colour and adventure.